CRN 2018 Women of the Channel Details

Tracey Koziol

Senior Vice President Workplace Solutions, Xerox

Location: Rochester, NY


Number of years in current position: 2

Number of years involved with indirect sales: 3

Fun Facts:

Has worked for a solution provider organization
Is a mentor
Loves Instagram
Is an extrovert
Has climbed a mountain
Can ride a horse
Likes playing video games
Has studied abroad
Has always wanted to be a teacher

Biography and Background:
Tracey is Senior Vice President Workplace Solutions responsible for products and solutions strategy, planning and execution for the Entry and Mid Business segments, contributing $7b in Sales. Tracey joined Xerox in November 2014 as Vice President of Workplace Solutions covering the A4 segment and responsible for overall strategy of Workplace Solutions Business. Prior to Xerox, she was the Vice President of Global Telco Sales & Mobility Solutions Planning at Dell, accountable for global sales of mobility solutions and led the portfolio planning and go-to-market enablement. Tracey has extensive experience in delivery of high tech, cost effective, yet differentiated products as demonstrated in her 20-year tenure at Motorola. Tracey was the Corporate Vice President & General Manager of Mid-tier products and mobility solutions, responsible for Engineering and Product Management. Under her leadership the highly successful RAZR portfolio was created and launched. It became the best-selling franchise in Motorola history during which time market share climbed 12% in 2 years while delivering improved profit and customer satisfaction. When at home Tracey enjoys being with her family. She has 3 children ranging from 13 to 25. The family loves watching movies and participating in sports

How have you personally helped advance your company's channel business over the past year?
We were lacking in feature and cost competitiveness in our A4 products and A3 Entry portfolio for the channel. These segments had a complete refresh in 2017 - ConnectKey Versalink Portfolio. Customer experience took priority and we completely re-engineered the user interface and made it very intuitive. For SMB customers out of the box experience has to be easy, as many do not have IT support. We added a set-up wizard to get up users up and running in under 15 minutes. This has been exceptionally beneficial to channel partners, keeping them focused on delivering value and less on support. Our channel partners are an extension of Xerox and their ability to solve customer's problems are paramount. That's where our Smart Workplace Assistants (all solutions enabled) and the Personalized Application Builder program comes into play helping our partners map business problems and solve with workflow. We improved our extensive training, tools and support for our partners; from simple apps with templates, all the way to full solutions with complex workflows. We have doubled our channel partner participants in 12 months and receive good news every week where they have solved another customer's pain point by implementing an app or solution.

What are your goals for your company's channel business over the next year?
My team's goal is to keep building differentiation through our apps and solutions and enabling our partners to move from box selling to being true solution providers. Partners don't have the time, nor the finances to work with a supplier that is not agile and customer focused. Simplification of the supply chain, the processes and partner programs are an overall focus in 2018. With this simplification, it will enable our partners to focus on moving the customer from the physical to the digital page. Providing more value for their customers, which in turn will drive more business for us both.

What honors, awards, or commendations have you won over the past year?
The new portfolio won the most awards in Xerox history in a single year from Industry Analysts. I think the most important message for our customers and partners is that we are not a one-trick pony. The recognition was for a complete End to End Portfolio; Technology, Software, Solutions, Apps, Mobility, Cloud and Security. Examples of these awards were from Keypoint Intelligence, where they awarded Xerox with 40% of all the available Winter Pick Awards.

Outside of your family, please name a woman you admire and why:
I have great admiration for Queen Elizabeth II. She has adapted to so many changes in her tenure. Her devotion to her Country and people is unwavering. She is a part of history, yet still influencing Britain and the World today.

What advice would you give your 16-year-old self?
Growing up with two older brothers, made me very competitive and I would get despondent when I didn't get things right first time. My advice would be it's OK not to be perfect, make sure when you make the mistake take the time to learn from it, don't be so tough on yourself. Mistakes make you a better person and a stronger team player.

If you could master any new job-related skill, what would it be and why?
I have been lucky to work with amazing engineers throughout my career and I would love to be able to code and create my own apps. I think this would not only be interesting for work, but also at home. My 13-year-old son is already trying to write simple games and perhaps we could create the next best seller! I have dabbled in HTML for web, but to be able to understand and write Java apps would be amazing.

What's the best book you read this past year and why did you like it?
I am not the best reader, often "snacking" on books. The book I find myself going back to over the past few months is Carla Harris's Expect to Win. Even though I feel very successful in my career, I still find I need to check back in on Carla's Pearl and give myself a jolt. I am an executor by nature and can get wrapped up in delivering results. To do my best work and be the best team leader, I really need to balance the say/do with building or maintaining relationships in the company.

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