CRN 2018 Women of the Channel Details

Carola Cazenave

Vice President, IBM Global Business Partners Ecosystem Program Strategy, IBM

Location: Armonk, NY


Number of years in current position: 0.1

Number of years involved with indirect sales: 12

Twitter Handle: @CarolaCazenave

Fun Facts:

Can code
Sits on a company board
Has an advanced degree (a degree higher than a bachelor's degree)
Has an MBA
Has a mentor
Is a mentor
Is an extrovert
Can ride a horse
Has studied abroad
Has always wanted to be a teacher

Biography and Background:
Carola Cazenave is a senior executive with more than 20 years of experience in multi-cultural business environments. Executive leadership roles include sales, marketing, routes to market, delivery services, sales center management, across diverse IT Market areas Ms. Cazenave is today the Vice president IBM Global Business Partners Ecosystem Programs Strategy. Her challenge is to attract and retain IBM Core Business partners as well as Next Gen. In order to do that she needs to transform the IBM Partners overall End to End experience making it simpler and adaptable to each of the different Partners needs. Previous to this Role Carola led the WW Security RTM Strategy where the Business Partner business almost tripled . Before that Carola was the Business Partners Latin America Geo also duplicating the SW revenue . Carola is a member of Endeavor and an active entrepreneur mentor and judge of Naves, a startup competition. She has been named board of International Women's Forum (IWF) and leads Women in Security Organization in IBM. Carola is a System Engineer ,has a Masters degree in Marketing and completed the PDD (Directors program) at IAE. She is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English

How have you personally helped advance your company's channel business over the past year?
In 2017 , I was in the Security Business Unit where we grew Transactional SW, SaaS Signings and Services Signing s together with our Business Partners across the world. We did 3 major projects that distinguished us in the market and Inside IBM (reason of my promotion) 1-) We transform the team to ensure we linked with offering Management from the beginning of a product launch to be Partner and Digital ready. This makes BP's be engaged far before the announcement and readytoe xecute from day 1. 2-) We created a whole new Enablement Process that makes Sellres , technical teams develop at their pace and need. We still have the traditional FTF training and we added a n easy open to access platform where Partners can get badges , certifications and of course agile training online. 3-) We declared Commercial (SMB) Business Partners Led and paid all our sellers in Security when then sold through alternate routes. meaning sellers didnt get paid if deals went direct. I designed the 2018 GTM Model that is even more aggresive in order to also have that model for Enterprise accounts.

What are your goals for your company's channel business over the next year?
The Global Busienss Partner target is double digit and need to grow faster than IBM in 2018. I am responsible for leading the strategy, design and coordinate execution and enablement of all the Business Partner Ecosystem related programs in . I am also responsible to lead IBM Sales Compensation Plans in order to create a powerful co-selling culture. IBM is committed to our Business Partners and we know they have choices. Having Partner Ready attracting offerings , Simpler , Profitable and predictable programs and a delightful end to end experience is fundamental. And that is my mission.

What honors, awards, or commendations have you won over the past year?
Top 100 Women of the Channel Named Co-President of WISE Group (Women in Security) Named Member of STARS Program in Airbus

Outside of your family, please name a woman you admire and why:
Ginni Rometty, the IBM CEO. She has led the comany through very tough times with clarity on the vision. Dedication to Employees and with huge Support from the Board in spite of the negative press and revenues declines. Now she took us to the inflection point and growth. Besides that she is a great speaker.. She prepares, she walks the talk.

What advice would you give your 16-year-old self?
First and foremost know yourself. Know what you Love. Discover it. Second, Do what you love. Then it will be easy do love what you do. I have teenagers and this is what I tell them. Together with Take advantage of every opportunityto Learn and enjoy life.

If you could master any new job-related skill, what would it be and why?
I would like to be a CEO of a Medium company. I have been in such different areas, different countries , with Entrepreneurs of the most diverse topics that I consider I could master as a CEO of a GLobal medium company.

What's the best book you read this past year and why did you like it?
TED TALKS. It helped me net it out. Choose the words and prepare myself for presentations. And The Unspoken Code . I got it as a gift from Harriet Shakir a co-worker I admire and trust. She is a co-writer. Is so good to see that all working women go through similar pathways. Is refreshing,

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