CRN 2018 Women of the Channel Details

Jaimie Kander

Cloud Partner Development Manager, F5 Networks

Location: Seattle, WA


Number of years in current position: 1

Number of years involved with indirect sales: 14

Twitter Handle: @JaimieKander

Fun Facts:

Has worked for a solution provider organization
Has a mentor
Loves Instagram
Is an extrovert
Has climbed a mountain

Biography and Background:
Senior channel leader leveraging years of experience to develop and drive the execution of highly strategic partner plans and programs within the partner ecosystem. Demonstrates expertise to support go-to-market strategies to design and deliver innovative sales programs that support growth goals through a vibrant partner community. I am a "do-er" that is highly skilled in visualizing and executing a plan and doing whatever it takes to deliver. One of my greatest strengths is my ability to build relationships throughout organizations. I value innovative thinking, teamwork, and commitment.

How have you personally helped advance your company's channel business over the past year?
Prior to working for technology manufacturers, I spent 10 years working for various Channel Partners. That experience and perspective has given me the distinct opportunity to truly understand the DNA of the "Channel". With that, and while serving in strategic channel sales roles for F5 aligned to our security and cloud solutions portfolios I have been instrumental in the creation and execution of F5's partner programs and strategic initiatives that help enable our channel partners to market and sell F5's products and solutions.

What are your goals for your company's channel business over the next year?
The public cloud is transforming the economics of technology. My goal is to help our channel partners become change agents and business enablers for our customers throughout the journey of digitally transforming their businesses. Enabling partners to evolve their service offerings that will drive growth in cloud adoption and consumption and capitalize on the growing market opportunities leveraging F5's products and solutions offerings.

What honors, awards, or commendations have you won over the past year?
"F5 SuperHero" award; Recognized by my F5 channel peers and leadership team for my contributions to the channel organization and our channel partners in FY17.

Outside of your family, please name a woman you admire and why:
Mary Richards, "Career Gal"; Mary Tyler Moore's character - a single working woman in her 30's who wasn't desperate to settle down with a fella - offered ambitious American women a much-needed role model. Maybe we could make it after all. Hats in the air, ladies!

What advice would you give your 16-year-old self?
Stick with your language lessons and apply those skills when they're far more fresh in your head and you have the time for it. Your career will thank you for it later.

If you could master any new job-related skill, what would it be and why?
Fluency in multiple languages. We live in an increasingly globalized world where many cultural subtleties can slip through the cracks as we're trying to understand past each other's different dialects. Building deep and meaningful relationships often involves speaking and understanding, partially at least, the same language. When you speak someone's native language, you can talk about a lot more than the weather and other daily fillers. Having the ability to connect with people using their native language opens the door to embracing new cultures and ways of viewing the world.

What's the best book you read this past year and why did you like it?
"Zone to Win: Organizing to Compete in an Age of Disruption" It's a book that has been socialized internally within F5 and very relevant for the time given current industry shifts. It is focused on spurring next-generation growth and embracing disruption and innovation.

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