CRN 2017 Women of the Channel Details

Gina Pigott

Founder and CEO, TeleDomani | MPG Management Associates Corp.

Location: Bethpage, NY


Number of years in current position: 15

Number of years involved with indirect sales: 21

Twitter Handle: @ginapigott

Fun Facts:

Has a female boss
Has worked for a solution provider organization
Has a mentor
Is a mentor
Has a personal mantra
Had a lemonade stand
Has a blog

Biography and Background:
As Founder and CEO of TeleDomani Inc. | MPG Management Associates Corp., I am a pioneer in the field of telecom and relish the role of trusted advisor. I sit on a number of Advisory Boards, including Verizon, Altice, and sit on Broadview Networks' Inner Circle. It all started in 1996, as Controller of Communications Consulting Corp., a Verizon sub-agent. In 1998, I moved to Nationwide Communications, a leading Verizon agency, as their Director of Operations. In 2002 TeleDomani opened its doors with the mission to lead agents into the future. Later in 2002, I opened MPG Associates, Inc. which acted as a Verizon sub-agent. In 2007, MPG secured a direct contract with Verizon d/b/a The KTI Group. My focus was to create a true partnership and promote the Verizon partner program. for over 20 years, resulting in being awarded Verizon's 2016 Top Master Agent. In 2010, MPG Management Associates Corp. was formed with the mantra: "Welcome to the Family." Our mission remains: To support, educate and empower our associates to create the income and life they desire and to create an environment that inspires teamwork, pride and excitement as well as wealth, security and stability for our employees.

How have you personally helped advance your company's channel business over the past year?
By acting as a mentor and a guide to both my employees and agents, I have stayed true to the company's mission of helping as many people as possible achieve, or even surpass, their dreams and goals and to reach their full potential. In addition to helping them and their family to have the highest quality of life, I increased our staff and our agent base with a focus on each of their individual growth and successes. It is the attention to helping each of our new employees and our agent partners that makes the difference.

What are your goals for your company's channel business over the next year?
To continue to educate and nurture the agents and staff to grow with the business and embrace the changes occurring. We strive to be responsible community partners who are committed to face-to-face opportunities - to connect, share, interact, help and discover new ways to help our local partners and clients.

What honors, awards or commendations have you won over the past year?
Verizon: 2016 Top Master Agent Bookings Verizon: 2016 Top IP Layer Bookings TDM: 2016 Partner of the Year Award

Outside of your family, please name a woman you admire and why:
Mother Teresa - She was a selflessly devoted woman who dedicated her life to the world and to taking care of those in need. She did not let anything stop her calling to serve and care for others. If we all lived by her example and her teachings what a wonderful world this would be! "Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love." - Mother Teresa

What advice would you give to young women who want to begin careers in technology?
Work hard, don't be intimidated. Find something you do well and make yourself invaluable to those around you. But most of all, have a team of woman around you for support and one in front of you that will sponsor you and who will pave the way. We all need to open the door for the next wonder woman to enter through it.

If you could be any movie character for one day in real life, who would you be and why?
Scarlett O'Hara - Nothing got in her way, not a war or a man She MADE a solution to every obstacle put in her way. Scarlett showed commitment and enormous resolve. It never occurred to her that her gender would be a hindrance - she didn't let it hold her back! She was a woman of action who was absolutely gorgeous, who could be sweet and cunning at the same time. She was a commanding, dynamic force of nature and every bit a woman.

If you could travel to a city you've never been to before, all expenses paid, where would you go and why?
I have wanted to go to Florence since I was a little girl. My aunt lived there in the late 60's to early 70's! I was in awe of the fact that she was a single woman that just up and left to travel the world and live in Italy. She was independent. Italy was where she landed, so it must have been fabulous. I was supposed to stop there on a cruise but we skipped that port due to weather. I am sure it was God's way of making me go back to spend a much longer time there!

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