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Director, TSS Business Line Executive
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I live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area. I started in technology in 1996 and spent 16 years with Cisco Systems. I then went on to work for smaller and larger companies in permanent and consulting roles. I joined IBM in November 2016 and am thrilled to be a part of the industry and such an iconic brand and company. I am responsible for all multi-vendor support solutions -- which is a growing line of business within IBM. Multi Vendor Support provides services on behalf of HW and SW OEMs with a single point of contact value proposition. I have a global team and we have a business line with multi billion dollar revenue. I live in Redwood City with my husband of 13 years. Interesting fact: I grew up about 10 miles from this resort and was married in St. Helena. The wine country is in my blood and I'm so pleased to have been invited to participate by one of our Alliance Partners, Fortinet. Shout out to Stacey Wu -- who was great on this afternoon's panel discussion around disruptive times. I've enjoyed all the sessions thus far and am looking forward to a great day tomorrow.
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