WOTC: The Bosses That Helped Shape Their Careers And What Good Leadership Looks Like

WOTC executives describe their favorite managers throughout the years, the qualities that made them inspiring, and what a good leader must do to help elevate their teams to reach their potential.

Leadership To Be Remembered

Being a well-respected, effective manager goes far beyond simply delegating tasks and getting the job description accomplished. It's about empowering your team and driving passion around your company's mission. According to recent survey by The Channel Company, the top qualities in a great boss have been those that give their employees autonomy, honest feedback, and someone who is ready to advocate for the success of their direct reports.

At The Channel Company's Women Of The Channel West event,  members of CRN's 2018 WOTC list and WOTC West attendees told CRN about their favorite managers, whether male or female, and what qualities made this leader inspiring. They also shared what these managers did to help them grow in their roles or climb the ranks to the position they are in today.

Here's what the five executives, both from vendors, PR firms, and solution provider organizations, had to say.

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