Entering The Workplace

You never forget your first. And your first job, like most other firsts, was likely less glamorous and more messy than you hoped or expected. But every one of us emerged from that first job with a crash course on what it takes to earn your keep in the world.  

In junior high I babysat, which bored me, and kept my earnings in a tennis ball can in my closet. My favorite part was jamming another handful of dollars inside, being up to my wrists in what felt like wealth.

Then, after a summer of hanging out by the town pool, the snack bar manager gave me a job. It was an unceremonious hire; I simply hopped over the counter and started making grilled cheeses. It was a low-stakes affair, but it made me feel productive, a part of everyone else's summer experience. And when it rained, I got to go home.

We asked the Women of the Channel what lessons they learned from their first jobs, and the stories are funny, thoughtful, and moving. Here, some of the best anecdotes that show us our community of leaders in their earliest stages of the game.