You provided full-time employment with flexibility

Millennial pessimism about the state of the world has translated into an increased desire for full-time jobs - and a turn away from freelance and entrepreneurship for the first time in years. And, in just one year, millennial loyalty has grown: The balance of millennials looking to leave their current job dropped from 7 points to -3 points in one year (meaning 35 percent plan to stay more than five years, as opposed to 32 percent who plan to leave in less than two).

But, as technology blazes forward, you've provided that mother of all millennial #goals: Flexibility. In fact, 84 percent of millennials reported some degree of it in their current job, including:

  1. Flexible time: Choosing when you work based on the project's demands, not the office's hours.
  2. Flexible roles: Choosing, with reasonable guidelines, what responsibilities they take on.
  3. Flexible recruitment: Choosing from different kinds of contracts and incentives.
  4. Flexible location: Choosing where to work (i.e. the office vs home).

Believe it or not, millennials crave flexibility because they want more accountability and, most of all, they value trust. By offering flexibility, employees are sending a clear message that they trust their employees to get the job done.