You gave us direct, passionate leadership - but steered clear of radicalism

Most U.S. millennials surveyed are hesitant to embrace the leadership style of the "post-fact" era: They want leaders who are fully-transparent, speak as directly as possible, and are inclusive of new ideas and people who feel "left out." However, they want realistic, managed expectations: Millennials were leery of any leaders promising radical growth over gradual change.

There was a 76 percent satisfaction level among employees of companies that used a more relaxed, collaborative approach, as opposed to the 49 percent in a more authoritarian, rules-driven leadership approach. For all the flak that millennials get for being self-involved and lazy, it turns out they crave collaboration and accountability - in fact, the majority of millennials prioritized collective and individual accountability over a seniority approach.

Now that millennials have gotten a little older, they are itching to get their hands dirty. If you continue to keep communication direct, transparent, and as inclusive as possible, you may be surprised by how they rise to - and transform - challenges.