The Power, Possibility, and Payoff Of Labor Force Diversity

Author and nonprofit CEO Lauren Leader-Chivee discussed the challenges and importance of diversity in the workplace, and why it's so critical to the future of the country.

No Business Gain Without Political Equity

Women -- which account for about 51 percent of the population -- and minorities decide elections. In fact, both groups have outvoted men since 1980. Women also hold 60 percent of the science degrees in the U.S. Still, only 4 percent of CEOs are women, and women hold only 15 percent of board seats. In politics, 426 women ran for office in the 2018 midterm cycle and 220 made it through the primaries. However, the lower numbers of women in leadership positions or in politics isn't reflective of America, Chivee said.

"We have to fix this because these aren't separate issues -- they go together, and we haven't made the connection in the U.S between having power in politics and getting ahead everywhere else," she told attendees. "You don’t get equity in business if you don’t have political power."

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