The Power, Possibility, and Payoff Of Labor Force Diversity

Author and nonprofit CEO Lauren Leader-Chivee discussed the challenges and importance of diversity in the workplace, and why it's so critical to the future of the country.

Women In The Labor Force

The rates of women participating in the labor force have begun to decline for the first time, according to Chivee. But adding the same number of women and men would add $5 trillion to the American economy. The country needs more women in the labor force, she said.

There are still many barriers blocking women from fully participating in the workforce and could be to blame for the declining numbers, including high costs of child care that in some cases, far exceeds salaries. To keep more women in their careers, there must be more support for working women, Chivee said. 

"The countries that have kept women in the labor force have made sure there are supports in place," she said.

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