The Power, Possibility, and Payoff Of Labor Force Diversity

Author and nonprofit CEO Lauren Leader-Chivee discussed the challenges and importance of diversity in the workplace, and why it's so critical to the future of the country.

The Current Landscape

While there are many passionate people and companies passionate about diversity, the current political and social landscape can still feel a bit discouraging. For example, hate crimes are on the rise, and America’s mass incarceration crisis now includes 2.3 million black and Hispanic Americans, according to Chivee.

"The current moment -- and this is partially because of social media -- is like a fun house mirror. It reflects and amplifies the worst in us, and in many way, leaves out the best in us," she said.

The silver lining? The majority of Americans believe that the country becomes a better place because of diversity, Chivee said.

"The truth is, there's never been a moment in this country where we have been more inclusive as a nation, or where we have been more committed to diversity," she said.

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