Sentinel Technologies' Karina Hoisington On Being 'Passionate About People' And Cultivating Relationships

Karina Hoisington, regional sales manager at the fast-growing solution provider, says building relationships with her customers – knowing their children's names and what they enjoy doing, for example -- is key to success. 


Explain your role at Sentinel.

I manage our eastern side of the state for Michigan and then into Ohio. I have a team of five account managers that I manage between public sector and commercial -- they are all male. I would love the opportunity to [interview] a female account manager, however, they don't ever interview with me. We focus on bringing them up to speed based on their background of all the different things Sentinel sells. I focus on getting the account managers to understand the art of the sale and building the key relationships and focus more on talking about a customer's business needs and where they see their vision in three to five years.

I also help plan and run events for this side of Michigan. I work with all of our major manufacturers, just cultivating the relationships with them.

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