Microsoft's Gavriella Schuster On How To Boost Partner Margins, The Untapped Azure Opportunity And Why Microsoft Is A Better Cloud Partner Than Amazon

"The key to success at this moment in the technology revolution is having a unique differentiation and being able to make that repeatable."

What's the biggest challenge partners face as they try to make the transition?

I think the biggest challenge for a lot of our partners is crossing the chasm from the up-front revenue that you get from a traditional, on-premises licenses into a cloud service delivery or a managed service delivery because you're going to get that on a month-over-month basis versus up front. Although, some of our partners have actually made that transition by building their own SKUs where they bill out a year ahead for a service that they're going to deliver and then they pay, say, for Azure or [Office] 365, they pay us on a month-by-month [basis]. Some of them have been able to actually make that transition in that way.

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