Microsoft's Gavriella Schuster On How To Boost Partner Margins, The Untapped Azure Opportunity And Why Microsoft Is A Better Cloud Partner Than Amazon

"The key to success at this moment in the technology revolution is having a unique differentiation and being able to make that repeatable."

Partners have to ask customers different kinds of questions?

Partners have to ask different kinds of questions. Really, they have to hire different kinds of [sales] people in a lot of cases. If you realize, 'Hey, my business actually is a lot of accounting. I spend a lot of time selling to accounting companies,' maybe you should hire an accountant because it's hard to think like a customer if you don't actually have the skills [to understand] what that customer is. If what you're delivering is professional services to lawyers, you should spend some time with lawyers or hire a lawyer. It's about having them think about the fact that we want them to go from being generalists to specialists to having a specialty because I think that that's really important in the competitive environment that we're in, in the way that the technology has evolved. It's not about just reselling services; it's about actually building unique value-added services, and it takes more resources to build a value-added service, so you can't do everything. You have to figure out where your specialty is.

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