Microsoft's Gavriella Schuster On How To Boost Partner Margins, The Untapped Azure Opportunity And Why Microsoft Is A Better Cloud Partner Than Amazon

"The key to success at this moment in the technology revolution is having a unique differentiation and being able to make that repeatable."

What would be the final takeaway message to partners on what they should be focused on, particularly as you get ready for your own partner conference later this year?

My primary takeaway is, man, embrace this change, take advantage of this pivotal moment in a time when customers have realized that the technology is the thing that's going to actually drive their business and not about using the technology to run their business -- but the technology is their business. Nobody is better positioned to take advantage of this pivotal change in the technology revolution than our partners who have lived the technology, who understand it, who know how to help those customers utilize it and can help the customer envision the future with the technology.

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