How Good Morning America's Lara Spencer Became 'The Martha Stewart of Junk' And The Ultimate Cliff Diver

Good Morning America co-host Lara Spencer took center stage at WOTC East and discussed her ups and downs in the TV news business and how she used her passion for flea markets to become the "Martha Stewart of Junk."

So what's next for you? So now you own your own company. By the way, her company DuffKat is named after her kids, which is adorable, Duff and Kate.

Yes that's my production company. As I was going out pitching ideas to other production companies, I thought, 'Why would I give other people my ideas?' So I created a production company, and I'm actively working on continuing selling shows. You need to be open to opportunity, to seeing when an opportunity is there. Finding your passion. I got a call about a year-and-a-half ago from an eyewear company that wanted to create a vintage flea market-inspired line of eyewear. I've never delved into the world of merchandising, but why not? I wear glasses. I love sunglasses. I am in flea markets all the time. Check, check and check. Let's do this, people! So a little bit of merchandising. I'm meeting with Amazon next week trying to create shows that have an online component. I feel like my mother. I'm really like, can you show me how to use my phone? To stay relevant, I have to do it. So that's what I'm doing. I'm still meeting with cable companies and trying to sell shows to them, along with my day job, and of course raising my two kids. I'm really diving into the digital. It's very clear that this is where all of the consumption of content is going.

Everyone wants to know. Do you get star-struck when you meet people? You meet so many amazing celebrities.

Of course I do! Did you see Good Morning America this morning? Oh my God, Jason Momoa. That's a lot of man. I love a man who makes me look petite. And he's as nice as he is a big, He's staring in the new Aquaman. That's the great part of my job, meeting all of these people. Yes, of course I do. Margot Robbie is coming in tomorrow. She's spectacular, I can't wait. Sometimes I get nervous and say silly things. We're human, right?

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