How Good Morning America's Lara Spencer Became 'The Martha Stewart of Junk' And The Ultimate Cliff Diver

Good Morning America co-host Lara Spencer took center stage at WOTC East and discussed her ups and downs in the TV news business and how she used her passion for flea markets to become the "Martha Stewart of Junk."

And then you were able to rejoin Good Morning America.

Another great piece of advice is to really, really try to never burn a bridge. Because I was able to call Diane [Sawyer], and I was able to call Ben Sherwood, who was the news director, the executive producer, of Good Morning America when I left and was now the president of ABC News. So when it came time and I realized that I was at the end of my journey in Los Angeles, I picked up the phone. And the job that I took was once again a leap off a cliff. This was not the queen bee role. This was to be a sidekick for Robin[Roberts] and George [Stephanopoulos]. Yes, please. It's fantastic. It gives me the time to do what I really love. I'm at a place now that that they're not threatened by my other interests. They nurture them. They embrace them. They realize that this actually helps their brand.

So my production company is called DuffKat. I'm working on shows. I got to really pivot. As you guys will understand, network TV is not the way people are consuming their content any more by any stretch of the imagination.  I have a folder of 50 more show ideas. I am lucky enough to get six on the air. I have about 50 that they're still good ideas. And now with this great pivot into digital, into streaming, my goal is to keep on learning.

A lot of us here are marketers and sales people, and think we are all struggling with basically the same thing, the changing consumption of content. I like what you said about learning, that you don't have to know it all.

It's what you do so beautifully here, all of you guys. Networking is not LinkedIn. It is taking meetings. It is coming to these events. It is picking up the phone, taking a risk. We have to take more risks. We have to go meet with people that might not make us very comfortable, but just like I do on my show, we have to rescue, recycle, and re-invent ourselves as the world changes. It's the reality.

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