You did a few years on the Insider, but ultimately wanted to get more into producing and having a little more control of your life and made a move back to New York. Tell us a little more about that change and what is now becoming DuffKat.

Yes. When I was in LA doing the Insider, I was starting to realize what I was told was the show was becoming not the show. It became more tabloid. I was not comfortable with that. It was becoming a paycheck, which stinks. So fulfill my soul, I continued head first in growing my [lifestyle] brand. I sold the book, I worked very hard on that. When I was working on the book you need to buy a lot of stuff. When you're writing a book about creating rescued, recycled, reinvented pieces, I was becoming a hoarder, I'm just gonna' say it. So I got a booth at an antiques mall and began selling it. I became my own Flea Market Flip. I was like, wait, this is so fun. I kept a blog. I paid $20 for a pair of lamps. I changed the shades and rewired them. I changed out the bases and made them Lucite and sold them for $300. This is really fun. Hence, the idea for Flea Market Flip. I would have never been able to get the meetings I got with production companies if it wasn't for [authoring this book]. And to say that you should all go out and write a book, but I would just say use your voice. Social media is a beautiful thing. Get on your account. Start a blog. Use your voice so that you can hone your message and talk about your personal passion. You just never know.