And then one day you got a call?

I went up to my news desk to check my voicemails and there is this breathy voice saying, "This is Diane Sawyer. I love what you're doing, I would love if you would bring some of that sunshine to Good Morning America." I know that had I stayed in that anchor job, that would have never happened. I found my sweet spot, and that led to my job at Good Morning America and ultimately to my brand. I knew that I was onto something. I created my personal brand, and we were off to the races. Four years at Good Morning America. I told you I left Good Morning America after four years with tears in my eyes.

What made you look for a new job opportunity?

Who here has kids? Anyone here juggling? I hear you sisters. That job, being on Good Morning America, meant a lot of travel. I was correspondent. I was traveling all the time. Going to become the host of the [Insider] show enabled me to have a better work/life balance. It also allowed me to spend more time doing what I love. I got to decorate a new home. I was out shopping, doing entertainment. Little did I know that while I was decorating our new house, friends and colleagues would come over and say, "What the hell is that? That is incredible." And I can't help myself so I say, "[it cost] $10". I loved telling all of the stories of the reinvention and creating my new house in LA while I was doing the Insider. I'd be getting lists from friends for my next flea market trip what they wanted me to look at for them, I realized I was kinda good at this. Maybe I can be the Martha Stewart of junk. I was onto something. What better way to become an expert than to write a book because even if nobody buys it, you are then considered an expert. Thankfully, I Brake For Yardsales became a New York Times Bestseller, which is a miracle.