How Good Morning America's Lara Spencer Became 'The Martha Stewart of Junk' And The Ultimate Cliff Diver

Good Morning America co-host Lara Spencer took center stage at WOTC East and discussed her ups and downs in the TV news business and how she used her passion for flea markets to become the "Martha Stewart of Junk."

And then one day you got a call?

I went up to my news desk to check my voicemails and there is this breathy voice saying, "This is Diane Sawyer. I love what you're doing, I would love if you would bring some of that sunshine to Good Morning America." I know that had I stayed in that anchor job, that would have never happened. I found my sweet spot, and that led to my job at Good Morning America and ultimately to my brand. I knew that I was onto something. I created my personal brand, and we were off to the races. Four years at Good Morning America. I told you I left Good Morning America after four years with tears in my eyes.

What made you look for a new job opportunity?

Who here has kids? Anyone here juggling? I hear you sisters. That job, being on Good Morning America, meant a lot of travel. I was correspondent. I was traveling all the time. Going to become the host of the [Insider] show enabled me to have a better work/life balance. It also allowed me to spend more time doing what I love. I got to decorate a new home. I was out shopping, doing entertainment. Little did I know that while I was decorating our new house, friends and colleagues would come over and say, "What the hell is that? That is incredible." And I can't help myself so I say, "[it cost] $10". I loved telling all of the stories of the reinvention and creating my new house in LA while I was doing the Insider. I'd be getting lists from friends for my next flea market trip what they wanted me to look at for them, I realized I was kinda good at this. Maybe I can be the Martha Stewart of junk. I was onto something. What better way to become an expert than to write a book because even if nobody buys it, you are then considered an expert. Thankfully, I Brake For Yardsales became a New York Times Bestseller, which is a miracle.

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