How A Tech Startup Founder Fell Into IT And What She Learned Along The Way

Alexa Fleur, co-founder of CritiqueIt Inc., shared how she went from post-grad student in creative writing to kick-starting an IT company – and the ups and downs that followed -- during the recession at The Channel Company's WOTC event on Tuesday. 

A Change Of Plans

Alexa Fleur was working on a children's book when she got her unlikely start in IT. She collaborated with writers from around the world, but found communicating via emails on illustrations to be a frustrating experience. Fleur mentioned to a fellow writer that she had an idea for how she'd like to make notes and corrections directly on the work, but in digital form. That discussion led Fleur down an entirely different path.

"If you were to tell me ten years ago, I would have laughed in your face," said Fleur, co-founder of CritiqueIt Inc., an annotation software company in Long Beach, Calif. She spoke this week at a career pursuits workshop at The Channel Company's Women of the Channel event in Napa, Calif.

During her remarks, Fleur shared her journey into IT, its ups and downs, and what she learned along the way. Here's what she had to say.

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