How 3 Women in Tech Thrive

What motivates a woman to break through the stereo-type barriers and thrive in an industry like tech? Here are stories of three real women carving out their space in the technology trenches.


Stepping over Stereotypes

Tell folks far outside of the tech field that you're a woman in tech, and they're going to think you're a coding nerd, right? That you love numbers more than humans and sort of wish you were a dude. Or, on the flipside, that you're a token pretty girl with a freak hacking talent.

You know that's not true, of course. And does it matter if someone in, say, wholesale liquor distribution understands what you do? Maybe not - but these misrepresentations of your field, and how you wield power and expertise in it, can sneak in and affect both your expectations for yourself and how others perceive you.

That's why it's so entirely refreshing to read BlackLine's profile of three of its women in tech. (BlackLine provides software that automates certain accounting processes.) These employees are in deep tech - in the trenches with BlackLine's products - but they are also very clearly smart, capable, driven, complex women.

Take a peek at what make these real women in tech tick. (Yes, the article, published on BlackLine's blog, toots BlackLine's horn. Just read on.)


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