Bestselling Author Jenny Blake On Answering The Dreaded 'What's Next?' Question And How To Pivot Successfully

Speaker and bestselling author Jenny Blake shared her method of figuring out what's next, and how to successfully make the pivot with attendees at WOTC 2016 in New York.


Change Is The Only Constant   

 While it’s a constant in everyone’s in life, most people tend to avoid change. Jenny Blake, speaker and author of the bestselling book "Pivot," has been called "the girl who quit things" since she left her job at Google after asking herself, "What's next?" But the question doesn’t have to be scary, she said.  

In a session titled "The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One" at The Channel Company's Women of The Channel Leadership Summit 2016, Blake gave attendees permission to take the pressure off themselves. Focusing on what's not working won't serve you, but starting from your points of strength -- what is working – will help you move forward. 

Here's Blake's "unpacked" method of figuring out what's next and how to successfully make the pivot. 


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