Share your knowledge
Often in work conversations we can get a little tetchy about sharing information or insights. Will someone steal your idea? Will your expertise help someone else succeed in your department?
Sometimes discretion around projects is necessary, particularly with creative ideas that might need incubation and nurturing. But as you talk with coworkers or colleagues in your field, resist the urge to hoard what you know. 
As Trespicio notes, "The resourceful person is a generous one - she shares what she knows because she understands that information doesn't make her better/smarter; her application of it does. And if she's really wise, then she becomes someone valuable to me and anyone who knows her."
Bottom line, fruitful conversation builds relationships, which become your network, which becomes the foundation for your career in and beyond your current job. Lucky for you, we're human beings, born to talk and connect  -  and blessed with the skills to learn how to do it better if we're clunky at the start.