4 Ways to Start a Conversation That Pays Off

Knowing how to start fruitful conversations is a key skill for career success.

When you think about how to grow your career, it's easy to go down the rabbit hole of LinkedIn invitations, resume formats, the heft or dimensions of your business card. 
Those things have their place. But the most powerful way to grow your career isn't scalable: It's one important conversation at a time.
More than anything else, human beings talk to each other. Yes, we give a million signals through our appearance and movement, and we live and work in proscribed circles of social status, interests, and geography.
But conversation is boundary-busting superpower. When you can really connect with others through talk, you are better able to connect to new job opportunities, promotions, cool projects, maybe even the start of your own business.
Knowing how to start fruitful conversations is, then, a key skill for career success. 
Here are four ways to get the good chit-chat up and running.

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