4 Ways to Sneak Up on Happiness at Work (And Do Better Work for It)

You can't demand happiness from work, but you can coax happiness into your work life by focusing on other things.

Women of the Channel

Think about your real purpose.

Trespicio points out that “If you wait until your feelings dictate what you should do or how you should be, then you are not going to be as sturdy as someone who is driven by mission.” A mission pledges you to a higher purpose, sustaining you through bad days and weeks, through big deadlines and lots of computer time.

You can bring your mission into awareness by thinking about what role you play in your work life. Are you the one who consistently comes up with innovative ideas that surprise, challenge and delight people? Your mission might be to be the iconoclast, and make sure that stale thinking and old habits never hold back progress. Now that's a satisfying mission.

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