4 Ways to Sneak Up on Happiness at Work (And Do Better Work for It)

You can't demand happiness from work, but you can coax happiness into your work life by focusing on other things.

Women of the Channel

Reframe how you view daily tasks.

As Harvard Business Review recently reported, the strain of maintaining a “work self” that isn’t in harmony with your whole self is a huge predictor of stress. Often at work we “are called upon to perform what psychologists call emotional labor — the effort it takes to keep your professional game face on when what you’re doing is not concordant with how you feel,” writes author Susan David. It is exhausting to maintain this front, so David suggests make an effort to connect with your daily tasks.

“Allowing yourself to appreciate the aspects of your job that give you a charge — maybe it’s brainstorming with colleagues or making systems more efficient — elevates your work into something you choose to do, rather than something required of you,” she writes.

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