4 Ways to Sneak Up on Happiness at Work (And Do Better Work for It)

You can't demand happiness from work, but you can coax happiness into your work life by focusing on other things.

Women of the Channel

Look at the beliefs keeping you stuck.

WOTC contributor Terri Trespicio recently spoke with the folks at meQuilibrium, a digital resilience coaching platform, about the far-reaching power of our beliefs. “You may not be miserable [at work],” but you have felt a ripple of unease. You’ve gotten to be very good at silencing it with a larger belief that you should be grateful and not make waves.”

Rather than let that one, big powerful belief call the shots, start to pay attention to how it shows up in your thoughts. Trespicio writes, “You’ve taught yourself to believe that you’re okay with what is — or, that on some level, you don’t deserve more than you have. Thoughts like “I’m not capable of anything bigger” have done a good job of holding you in place. The sooner you dismantle these false ideas, the sooner you can strive not just to “have” more, but to grow beyond what you think is possible.”

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