4 Ways to Sneak Up on Happiness at Work (And Do Better Work for It)

You can't demand happiness from work, but you can coax happiness into your work life by focusing on other things.

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The Pursuit of Happiness

You don’t need a scientific study to get that people who are happy and engaged at work, and with their work, generally get more done — and done well. Yet we have the studies, scores of them (see here and here and here for a start), and they agree that happiness is a big deal to personal and company productivity.

Wouldn’t it be nice if knowing that happiness is important automatically resulted in feeling happy at and about work? It doesn’t work that way, of course. Anyone who’s longed for more satisfaction and fun at work knows this. And in fact, psychologists have found that happiness becomes elusive if you stare at it head on. That’s like trying to get a cat into a carrying case by bum rushing it and trying to toss it into the box. (That way lies scratches, overheated tempers, and a cat hiding under the bed, laughing at you.)

Instead, you coax happiness into your work life by focusing on other things. Your relationships with your colleagues. Your sense of connection with the greater purpose behind your daily tasks. Your sense of getting really good at what you do, and maybe even getting better at it. Call it the happy sidle — all of a sudden, after these little movement and mental shifts, happiness is in the bag.

Here are 4 expert tips on how to sidle up to happiness in your work life.

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