Super Bowl commercials historically have catered to heterosexual men. Bikini-clad women magically resistant to the cold mountaintops from which they excavate beer; women lying naked covered in nothing but Doritos; women catfighting in their underwear; that now-infamous GoDaddy make-out commercial. (Sorry for putting that visual back in your brain).

But brands would be wise to start considering their female Super Bowl viewers — 46 percent of whom are women. Not only are women more likely to share brands they love, they're also more likely to pay attention. Seventy-eight percent of women cite commercials as what they like about the Super Bowl experience.

Representation is one of the hot-button topics in entertainment and branding, and it's no secret that how women see themselves reflected back in advertisements plays a role in their loyalty to brands. Here are 10 companies that got it right, got it horribly wrong, or at least dared to stir up some controversy.

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