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Linda Clemons, body language expert and CEO of Sisterpreneur, says it’s a good idea to go into a meeting before it starts and start greeting people. ‘You never know who the stakeholders are,’ she says.

Mary Stanhope, founder of Boston-based firm iMarket2, offers a three-step framework to telling better stories that score the right business. 

At the 2018 Women of the Channel Leadership Summit, Dell EMC's Sheri Hedlund shares three key things that help her deliver extraordinary results.

In this age of the informed customer, channel marketing strategies must evolve. Channel partners no longer enjoy the role as the voice of authority on a vendor’s offerings. Instead, they must demonstrate they possess the expertise required to recommend solutions that fit the specific needs of prospects and customers.

While technology continues to reinvent how we live and work, keeping up with the pace of change is difficult and if you want to do more than just keep up, if you want to thrive, expand, advance, you need to do more. You need to offer customers something better, unique, amazing. 

Advanced Onion is a one of our federal partners that focuses on prime or subcontract contracts mostly on the west coast of the US.  They have been strong in bringing technology solutions to their c

Adsevero is a 30-year veteran technology VAR that appreciates what we do as a manufacturer.

For the channel, the key to enabling enterprise customers to stay ahead of the curve and guide consumer purchasing decisions lies in understanding what consumers want, how they use technology, and how they want to purchase it.

"The key to success at this moment in the technology revolution is having a unique differentiation and being able to make that repeatable."

At this year's Women of the Channel conference, leaders from various groups discuss how companies can strengthen their partner ecosystems in the changing technology landscape.