The belief that women have "trouble" selling is not only flawed, it's insulting—and dangerous. Here's why we're ill-served by viewing sales skills in a negative light.

There's never been more demand, or opportunity, for women to step up and speak their mind. Here are five tips for improving your own presentation literacy (and reducing your speaking-induced stress levels).

You may like me a little less after you finish this article...

Strong communications stills are an asset, and key to doing better business. Solution provider Valeh Nazemoff shares seven tips that can help executives boost their communication skills through listening, greater self-awareness, and the power of confidence.

At the Women of the Channel Leadership Summit in New York City, Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson, psychologist and best-selling author, said having the right type of mindset is proven to improve performance in the workplace and lead to greater success.

We asked the Women of the Channel community what workplace rules should always be broken and why such an act of rebellion is so important. Here are our favorite responses.

Mistakes can often bring businesses down and reverse years of good habits, decisions, and hard work. You can let them destroy you, or you can learn from your mistakes, alter your behaviors, recover, and come back stronger than ever. 

It’s no secret that the IT channel skews male, and markedly so. But members of the Women of the Channel community haven't let that stop them at all.

I coach my business clients that even an attempt at ballroom dance can lead to professional transformation for better performance.