Sometimes February-into-March just stinks. And lasts. Forever. Here are five ways to take tender care of yourself through the latest blizzard of snow or slow work.

If you have an active lifestyle, can you really skip regular exercise and still be healthy and fit?

Pick a couple of these fitness tips and begin to incorporate them daily. 

To slim down and shape up, should you focus on losing inches or losing pounds?

What tops your list of goals for 2017? Let us know in the comment section.

The best way to feel better about a little over-indulgence during the holidays is to create a fitness goal for the New Year. 

Here are simple steps from Dr. Marina Kurian that women can take to improve their health by reducing stress, improving heart health and maintaining a healthy weight. 

If you are doing the same kind of steady pace cardio routine over and over, say walking or jogging for 30 minutes most days of the week, your body will stop improving because it has adapted to that level of exercise.

How much mental capacity are you giving to things that simply don’t deserve it?

Several studies revealed that children are more likely to inherit intelligence from their mother, because intelligence genes are located on chromosome X.