We've all fallen subject to the wiles of the red eye: A torture device disguised as low airline fares and "a whole extra day not spent on travel!" It is one of life's dreaded guarantees, like death, taxes, and Game of Thrones spoilers.

Pick the one that scares you the most and see what happens when you set yourself free.

Sometimes February-into-March just stinks. And lasts. Forever. Here are five ways to take tender care of yourself through the latest blizzard of snow or slow work.

What tops your list of goals for 2017? Let us know in the comment section.

Intel's Laura Crone shared her four C's – create, commit, conquer, and cultivate – at The Channel Company's WOTC 2016 last week to help women navigate their careers, and the evolving world of IT. 

As you go about your day today, take a few minutes to tell a strong woman in your life that she matters and makes a difference. 

AT&T's Brooks McCorcle and Sue Galvanek talk about how the carrier's focus on mentoring has cultivated a more diverse office culture that is helping to encourage women to flourish in IT careers.

Splunk’s Cunningham points to a ‘wide variety of roles in the channel that can suit so many different skills and backgrounds.’

How much mental capacity are you giving to things that simply don’t deserve it?

"Work-life balance” doesn’t exactly paint a clear picture, and never has, of what it takes to survive and thrive as professional women. What has to happen, and there seems to be some general agreement on this, is that we need to manage both worlds - with intention and purpose, and a clear sense of what success looks like.