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Motivational apps encourage you to reach a goal or "pay it forward" with good deeds, while a private messaging app can bring you closer to...


Red Seal has nabbed former Check Point Software Technologies Chief Marketing Officer Julie Parrish as its first CMO, the up-and-coming...


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Positive energy is important and will help


Women in tech and science professions refl


We asked the Women of the Channel community what workplace rules should always be broken and why such an act of rebellion is so important. Here...


Margot Bisnow, the mother of two successfu


Cisco Channel Chief Wendy Bahr sits down with CRN to talk about Partner Summit 2016, competition with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, ELA version 2.0...


The Democratic candidate provided valuable


The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women i


What really can and does happen at Women of the Channel. Life Changing!


The best way to start your week is to take


Mistakes can often bring businesses down and reverse years of good habits, decisions, and hard work. You can let them destroy you, or you can...


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