In The Dance of the Business Mind, author Valeh Nazemoff choreographs readers through a series of steps that will stimulate creativity, enhance awareness, and lead to peak professional performance. Using dance as a metaphor, this first-of-its-kind guidebook provides fresh, fun comparisons between the"moves" needed to achieve success professionally and personally, no matter what kind of stage you're performing on.
In each chapter of The Dance of the Business Mind, you'll find specific strategies to train your mind to "dance," gleaned from interviews with international award-winning dance coaches and performers, including Karina Smirnoff of Dancing with the Stars. Readers start with the basics--mental and physical preparation--then expand to choreography and practice, before the finale: learning how to perform in the office and beyond with confidence and ease.

What You'll Learn From This Book

Nazemoff combines her passion for dance with her expertise in consulting Fortune 500 companies, and in this game-changing book,you'll discover:
- How freeing your mind to dance can help you make better decisions in the workplace and achieve desired results
- Why positive thinking and visualization can help you perform at your highest level--in business and in dance
- The Four I's, which will help you bring your passion and expertise to essential professional decisions
- Successful business partnerships require you to get in sync with your colleagues--they take communication, rhythm, and a shared purpose
- How to make sure that your "steps" (your business plan) match your "music" (your goal) so you can succeed in the best possible way
- The value of mapping your business strategy like a choreographer, creating a plan of action before taking to the stage
"This book is your ticket for entrance into a transformational ballroom, whisking you from another mediocre Monday morning at the office to an exciting one in which anything is possible. Look in the mirror. Do you see that good-looking 'Business Mind' checking you out? Ask it to dance!" - Valeh Nazemoff, The Dance of the Business Mind. Read more