What's YOUR Holiday Wish?

When was the last time YOU wrote a letter to Santa?

When was the last time YOU wrote a letter to Santa?
I know...you think it is just for kids....it's foolish...what would you ask for? Well...I am here to tell you that not only is it a great moment to reflect on what our truest wish really is (health of a loved one...safety and gratitude for those that serve in the military far from their families during the holidays....etc...) - it is also a chance to have $1 donated by Macy's to Make a Wish!
By writing YOUR letter to Santa AND inspiring your co-workers...your kids...your friends....your neighbors...your school...your community group...your poker buddies (you get the picture....) to write their's too you can help fulfill the wishes of children with life threatening medical illnesses. For few minutes of your time - YOU can help donate up to $1M to this wonderful charity!
No excuses! You can write them and mail them at your local Macy's OR you can fill it in on-line when you go to the link below.  I promise you - it will bring a smile to your face and make a difference in the lives of others who are TRULY in need of a wish!
Who's with me this year? 
Thanks for reading and remember....YOU make a difference!
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Macy's Believe Campaign - Letters to Santa

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