Rebuilding And Reconnecting In The Time Of COVID-19

The COVID pandemic forced us to isolate, but together we can play a part in the recovery.

2020 hasn’t been easy. The pandemic continues to impact everyone in some way; physically, financially or emotionally. With no real end in sight, its impact will grow. The underlying lesson of the pandemic was a hard one, but timely. No matter how divided we’ve become, we need each other. We need each other to discover a vaccine. We need each other to feed, clothe and house our neighbors. We need each other to rebuild and collectively recover.
While this is no small task, the good news is that we can drive the recovery as individuals locally or as teams within our organizations’ communities. In a time when we’ve been forced apart, what better way to reconnect as human beings than by joining with colleagues to act together or to encourage each other in individual actions.
Depending upon health and legal guidelines in your area, protocols within your company, whether you go into the office or work from home, what can be done and how it can be done will vary. This list contains a few ideas to help you start:

  • Donate or raise funds for your state’s relief efforts, such as Massachusetts COVID-19 Relief Fund.
  • Purchase grocery store gift cards. These can be given to essential workers, such as the cashier who rings up your purchase, or donated to local food banks or homeless shelters.
  • Organize, donate to or amplify social media posts for local food drives. In my area, for example, Townsend Ecumenical Outreach recently partnered with the local small business organization to fill a mini school bus with food donations collected from the community in a day.
  • Scan your closets for gently worn clothing and donate it to local houses of worship or homeless shelters, such as Abby’s House.
  • Organize a sewing team from people in your company. Create and donate cloth masks in your local communities.
  • Organize a knitting team from people in your company. Create and donate mittens, scarves and hats in the fall to local schools or nonprofits that support families.
  • Collect and donate food and pet supplies to local animal shelters, like Worcester Animal Rescue League.

The best way to combat what has pulled us apart? Coming together to share our time, talents and funds as we are able, where we are able, whenever we are able.

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