Adsevero is a 30-year veteran technology VAR that appreciates what we do as a manufacturer. They have engineers and sales professionals that are focused on specific geographical areas and on the best technical solutions for many key security areas. 

Our cutting-edge product that is more of a need than want, is so new that we have to educate our customers first, then give them the why, and finish up with “if you don’t, this could happen to your organization.” The process to get a customer is not "ask and get a purchase order," and Adsevero knows that consultation is the only way. 

Recently, Oscar Flores, President of Adsevero, Rose Stake, Consutant for Adsevero, and myself (Dir of Partner Programs and Marketing Strategy) were hosting a webinar together.  We used their target list, our combined expertise, and created a marketing campaign that would send an email to each contact 3 times before the webinar.  I appreciate them as a partner because not only did they call EACH and EVERY one of the people that opened any of the emails, but they wanted to get more training! This is music to my ears and of course I did everything I could to support them and ensure they are in the best position to succeed. In addition, they will share LinkedIn posts about the solution we are trying to solve. 

But it goes further as they always put up prizes to webinar attendees and engage with their customers for lunch or happy hours. This allows us, the manufacturer, to learn more from a customer perspective and that is always important.  Adsevero is doing everything for their customers and I want to do what we can for them. 

On my partner scorecard, they have a solid score because of their incredible desire to get to know the customers, their pains, and our solution; they are the consultative experts that companies appreciate. So, here’s to Team Adsevero, and I know that our collective future is looking fantastic!