Five Lessons from My First 100 Days

First days are awesome. Everything is fresh and new and exciting. My first day working at Netformx, about 100 days ago, started with an Uber to Newark’s International Terminal.

First days are awesome. Everything is fresh and new and exciting. My first day working at Netformx, about 100 days ago, started with an Uber to Newark’s International Terminal. So, I spent most of my first day as Netformx’s head of product management, strategy and marketing flying around the globe from EWR to TLV. Now that I’ve got more than 100 days under my belt, I’ve learned a few lessons that I’d like to share.
1.  Alphabet soup is no fun for grown-ups.
Alphabet soup or acronyms – you know those two-, three-, and four-letter abbreviations every discrete vertical market uses instead of actual words – take a while to get used to at a new company even when you have spent decades in the industry. I filled one notebook with a reference list to keep handy when speaking to customers and partners, who each have their own unique lingo too. The lesson for me is to try and speak in real words as often as possible, because you never know exactly what your audience knows.
2. Agility is real.
In my experience with enterprise software, decisions can take weeks and hours of meetings and infinite persistence and tools and process and overhead. At Netformx, agility and impact are ingrained. Tuned to the market and changes therein, Netformx is truly agile. Teams or individuals can present a case with the expected impact. Then decisions are made. Actions are taken. The refreshing lesson here is that it does not take two extra miles to make a left-hand turn when you know where you want to go. Netformx is poised to flex to meet market shifts and customer demands quickly. (And that is awesome!)
3. Content is like potato chips – fresh is best.
Understanding and visualizing how networks, telco components, and all the supporting bits can be tied to together into a well-designed solution is core to delivering winning proposals that drive new business opportunities, and that requires simple, direct access to vendor content. I’ve learned that content changes frequently, and keeping it fresh and making it available to partners and solution providers makes Netformx unique. My third lesson is that no one wants stale content.
4. Change is…inevitable.
Good or bad, change is constant. Every company I have spoken to in the past 100 days is undergoing a transformation. They are moving their own products and offerings to the cloud and empowering new business models with new technologies. All those changes require new systems to be implemented, old ones to be upgraded or migrated or deprecated. It’s costly and it’s necessary in order to be competitive in the twenty-first century. The lesson for me is to embrace change, share best practices and leverage analytics to show how to make smarter changes that save money, time and resources in the long run. With Netformx ChannelXpert, Netformx can ease the pain of transformation and digitization.
5. People make the place.
Technology moves so quickly and the people behind it rarely get recognized for their amazing contributions. In my first 100 days, I have been privileged to meet a cast of talented, caring people focused on delivering excellent solutions to solve our customers’ problems and grow our business. One other notable thing about Netformx is the diversity here. For the first time in all my years working in tech, I’m at a company where there are about as many women as there are men! The lesson here is to have fun, celebrate my team, and delight in the great company I joined!
For the next 100 days, I’ll be working with folks across the company to turn the Netformx three-year vision into a plan and to sketch out our strategy to continue to exceed our customers’ expectations and to deliver excellent solutions and services.
The first 100 days can be intimidating. The first 100 days can be enlightening. My first 100 days flew by – quite literally – and this is just the start of an awesome journey. I’m looking forward to sharing more of my story at Netformx as it unfolds; I see many great adventures ahead!

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