I very much enjoyed all the afternoon sessions and wish to compliment the organizer, The Channel Company, for putting together a wonderful agenda with excellent presenters and topics.
Even as I look forward to tomorrow's agenda and interactions, I am still processing some of the great advice, comments and quips shared today. As a 'veteran' (in age only), I'm still learning and re-learning with everyday and interaction. Here are some of my favorite 'words of wisdom' from today:
SCORE -- that was a brilliant presentation by Sue Enquist and such an inspiration. I loved the personal stories, the humor and the very meaningful program she has put into place for high performance. I will always strive to be 1 percent better tomorrow than I am today. Thank you for sharing your story and for turning your life into a program to enrich others.
MY brand -- over the years, as I've matured, I have strived to stay consistent with MY brand. The reality is, at times, it was out of synch with how I was perceived -- but it wasn't MY brand, it was the interpretation (think 'Bossy Pants' vs. being 'assertive').
After 22 years in my professional life, I know MY brand and I need to have faith in it -- which is not always easy. Thank you fellow IBMer, Michelle Stern, for your guidance and for sharing your stories. I've not read for fun in ages-- but am going to start anew! I'm intrigued and inspired by Your Eternal Self and plan to pick it up this weekend. The other essential piece of wisdom you shared -- which everyone should embrace because it is absolutely true -- be fluent in the language of finance and business. At the end of the day, without the financials, even the greatest companies and the greatest products cannot survive.
"There is no Glass Ceiling" -- one of the best pieces of advice shared today. Thank you Stacey Wu of Fortinet. Why waste our energy looking for it?... if it's there, then let's break the heck through it! The panel session was especially delightful with the unabashed authenticity of the moderator... Great job Wendy Hoey. You make it look easy and I know from my own experiences it is not. I appreciated the honesty from Muffin Mott about losing her rhythm and getting it back and the confidence exuded by Wendy Petty of Verizon. Thank you all for a great panel.
And, last but not least, for the wonderful hospitality in a beautiful -- albeit slightly chilly -- Napa Valley location.
Here's looking forward to tomorrow... to meeting new people... to learning more from others.... and to striving to be 1 percent better than I am today!