WOTC: With Gender Discrimination In The Spotlight, The Channel Has Critical Duty To Inspire Next Generation of Women In Tech

The channel needs to take a hard look not just at harassment in the workplace, but the cultural norms driving discrimination against women in technology in general, says The Channel Company's Lisa MacKenzie in kicking off the WOTC East conference.

With the spotlight increasingly on gender discrimination in the workplace, the channel has a critical role in paving the way for the next generation of women in the channel, said Lisa MacKenzie, senior vice president at The Channel Company.

“Together we, as women of the channel, have a duty to inspire the next generation of women,” MacKenzie said at the Women of the Channel East conference, hosted by The Channel Company and taking place this week in New York City.

Over the past few months, gender discrimination has been thrust into the forefront on the heels of the #MeToo social media campaign, where women used the hashtag to denounce sexual assault and reveal their own experiences with harassment.

The #MeToo movement became widespread as some tech companies also came under fire for gender discrimination over the past few months, shedding light on harassment and issues women face in the workplace.

A recent survey by The Channel Company found that out of 220 women respondents, 39 percent said they have been a victim of harassment. Meanwhile, 26 percent said that while they have not......

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