Women Of The Channel: What Do We Want From Our Millennial Workforce?

In a panel at XChange 2014, Women of the Channel executives discussed the millennial generation and how they would advise women coming into the channel workforce today.

During a breakout session with Women of the Channel executives at XChange Solution Provider, the panelists said they see a lot of potential in the generation of female millennials coming into the channel, but adding them to the workforce comes with a need for adjustment.

"I love this new generation that’s coming in because there's so much I can learn from them. There's so much I don’t know," said May Mitchell, vice president of North America marketing at Symantec. "I think what they bring is just a whole new wave of creativity. They're really, really smart, they have this thing down pat, and they like to take risks."

During the session Monday at XChange Solution Provider 2014, hosted by CRN publisher The Channel Company in Los Angeles, the women said they particularly were drawn to the "fearless" nature of the new generation, both in their use of......


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