Women Of The Channel: Pearls Of Wisdom From Five Tech Leaders

Five tech veterans gave advice and shared their personal stories of taking risks, taking care and being brave, at this year's Women Of The Channel event in New York City.

Nichole Wiley-Marks, Vice President, Sales Operations, Arrow Electronics, On Lighting Up Others

Wiley-Marks got to where she is today through a lot of hard work for sure, but she also had a little help along the way. So it's important to her now, as an industry veteran, to give back in the same way. There was a time where she lacked optimism about her own path, having received a couple of "bruises" along the way. Wiley-Marks recalled talking to her mother about the disappointment she felt regarding where she was with her career at the time. She had to take a step back in her career and wasn't sure what the future held. Her mother told her that "cream always rises to the top." Wiley-Marks learned that while hard work does pay off, looking to the future also means reaching back. There's more than enough room at the table for more women, and the opportunity exists for women of all levels of their career to make sure that the cream always rises to the top, she said.

"A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. There's no loss of heat or intensity when we use our flame to ignite another. I utilize this quote to use my flame to light others, to teach them the lessons and knowledge I learned along the way. If it had not been for others that helped me along the way, there would be no way I'd be here today."

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