Women Of The Channel: Pearls Of Wisdom From Five Tech Leaders

Five tech veterans gave advice and shared their personal stories of taking risks, taking care and being brave, at this year's Women Of The Channel event in New York City.

Karine Elsen, Director, Global Partner Marketing, Cisco, On Taking The Leap

"Become more of who you already are and stay true to yourself." That's the message Elsen gives employees at her company. That's because she made a big leap 25 years ago in coming to the U.S. from Belgium when she met her now-husband in Europe, and the two found jobs in Washington, D.C. Moving to a new country with a man she "barely knew" was the right change she knew she needed to make at the time. However, even in the face of cultural differences, Elsen has always stayed true to herself. 

"Take the risk, even if they say you sound crazy. You always imagine worst case scenario. If you're going to leap, be prepared. You're not going to feel comfortable -- you'll feel like an uprooted tree, but don’t fight that feeling. Except it. It's going to take time," she told attendees. 

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