Women Of The Channel: How To Beat The 'Imposter Syndrome' And Give Success Your Own Definition

A panel of executives from a variety of industries took center stage at Women Of The Channel East to discuss why some accomplished people feel like they are 'frauds' -- and how to combat the feeling and find success.

The Imposter Trap 

In an effort to break out of her comfort zone, Wendy Petty, executive director of global channel sales for Verizon Enterprise Solutions, hosted a keynote panel on how to avoid the trap of the dreaded "Imposter Syndrome" -- a feeling that causes accomplished, successful people to feel like they are frauds and are about to get "caught" not knowing what they are doing or how they even landed in the career position that they are in.  

The panel included executives from a variety of industries, including fashion, toys and technology, and they all weighed in on their own "imposter" experiences and how they've managed the emotions by building up their own confidence and finding their value.  

Here are tips and insight from the panel on how to avoid falling into the trap of feeling like you don't belong and go about claiming your value.

Acknowledging The Problem 

Karyn Schoenbart, CEO of The NPD Group, used to live in fear that everyone would find out she likes reading People Magazine, which would call into question whether she was really cut out for her job. That's until she learned that many others felt the exact......


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