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December 4-5, New York Hilton Midtown.

Step Up: Your Moment Is Now

Many women now have a seat at the table where they are exerting influence and authority in powerful and positive ways. There is progress to be made but established and emerging leaders realize now is their moment to step up and make a lasting difference. Women of the Channel East is where current and future leaders across a wide range of functions and facets of their organizations can draw on the strength of one another to advance their careers and strategic goals. Today’s leaders must step up to influence and mold the future generations of women in the industry showing them how powerful they can be in anything they choose to pursue. For tomorrow’s leaders, now is the time to embrace the opportunities available and leverage their mastery of the latest trends so they and their teams can reach their goals. 

Women of the Channel East Agenda

Pre-Event Workshops

Skills Enhancement: Coaching For Performance Improvement

Speaker: Caryn Vincent, Dale Carnegie Training

Coaching is about providing support and advice to help an individual recognize ways in which they can improve their effectiveness and performance. Coaching has traditionally been employed to address poor or struggling performer improve. Fast forward to today’s workplace and coaching is now recognized as a solid methodology for encouraging strong performers to grow and improve even faster. This session will show how effective leaders use coaching to provide direction, instruction, and training to help their team members grow skills and achieve objectives.
 This skills enhancement session will help attendees master 3 key coaching strategies:

Understand today’s cycle of growth and change and how it relates to training

Apply the steps of the coaching process to improve performance in others

Identify additional approaches to develop people

Skills Enhancement: How To Win Business and Engage Audiences With Storytelling

Speaker: Caryn Vincent, Dale Carnegie Training

The amount of time presenters have to capture the attention of their audience is dwindling. As soon as a speaker utters their first word the countdown begins. Only individuals and teams that have something interesting to say are the ones that win new business, influence customers, and partners and engage colleagues.

This session will help attendees:

 Identify how storytelling captures the attention of their audience

Enhance communication with memorable anecdotes and parables

Use stories that creatively deliver key messages and takeaways

Demonstrate storytelling skills that make an impact and prompt action

Main Ballroom Keynotes

Opening Remarks: The State Of Women In The Channel & Beyond

Speaker: Lisa Mackenzie, SVP & Partner, The Channel Co.

The Women in the Channel Conference is all about advancing women in IT and business. Lisa MacKenzie, Partner and SVP of The Channel Co. will discuss the findings recent research finding along with her perspective on how women can improve their skill set in a rapidly changing market and move forward. MacKenzie, an industry veteran and one of the most prominent women in the channel today, will also discuss how the Women of the Channel conference has expanded globally and beyond just the high-tech industry.

Accelerating Your Impact in 2018

Speaker: JJ DiGeronimo, president, Tech Savvy Women

As we round out 2017 and think about our professional goals for 2018, there is no better time to share the research that is catapulting professional women in their desired direction. After meeting with tens of thousands of women, there is no doubt that women are effective in their current role but, many struggle to expand their scope of expertise and impact. In this interactive keynote, JJ DiGeronimo will share specific professional strategies she wishes she had decades ago to create the alignment, brand, and momentum to accelerate professional impact. With more than 20 years of experience in the tech industry, DiGeronimo is no stranger to navigating the twists and turns of moving from entry level to leadership positions. She learned firsthand that securing that next position, a seat on a board, or even launching a new initiative often requires professionals to enhance their relevance, establish new career sponsors, and expand their professional networks

Professionals who attend this session will walk away with:

  • Bold strategies to increase professional relevance
  • Step-by-step actions to identify and tap into career catalysts
  • Insight for project and career alignment

Women Of The Channel In The Spotlight: Success Stories

Speakers: Bridget Bisnette, Vice President, Global Channel Chief & Commercial Sales Leader, Riverbed; Margaret-Ann Bolton, Senior Director, Global Partner Marketing, Red Hat; Dorothy Copeland, Vice President, IBM Global Business Partners, North America, IBM; Dawn Duross, Senior Director, Global & Strategic Partner Organization, Cisco

Women of the Channel attendees will hear from today's leaders on a wide range of issues spanning industry challenges and opportunities professional advancement and their secrets to success. Spotlight speakers who represent some of today's most important brands will take their turn to share their insight and formula for success. Speakers will share their tips for success based on professional and personal experiences that have shaped theirs careers. Gain insight into how each of these individuals is coping with the rapid pace of change that defines the industry today. This collection of wisdom will help attendees navigate through the one of the most challenging periods in business today.





Power-Up!  Fuse Your Brand And Your Culture To Fuel Your Organization

Speakers: Denise Lee Yohn, author and branding expert; Tiffani Bova, Women Of The Channel Board Member, Salesforce.com, global customer growth and innovation evangelist

Great places to work offer more than foosball tables and generous perks – and great brands are built through more than creative marketing. The world’s greatest companies integrate their cultures and their brands -- and leverage their combined power to fuel their growth and future-proof their businesses.  Brand-building expert Denise Lee Yohn reveals the secrets to achieving this powerful combination and shows you how to unlock the full potential of your organization. Yohn will be joined on stage for an interactive Q&A with Women of the Channel Board member Tiffani Bova and fielding questions from audience members.





The Author's Interview By Adriana Trigiani Featuring Special Guest Elizabeth Vargas

Speakers: Adriana Trigiani, Author; Elizabeth Vargas, Broadcast Journalist

One of America's most prolific and beloved authors will interview and conduct a WotC discussion with one of the country's most accomplished broadcast journalists. Get ready for a conversation between Adriana Trigiani and Elizabeth Vargas that will be entertaining, enlightening, illuminating and all together unpredictable. The two will share their accomplishments, the challenges they faced in their careers and, of course, their advice for women looking to advance their careers and enhance their personal lives. The highlight will no doubt be Trigiani discussing her smash hit "Kiss Carlo," and Vargas' insight from her best-selling memoir "Between Breaths." Attendees will also have an opportunity to ask both questions in this interactive discussion—a first for WotC.





Finding Your Line of Sight

Speaker:  Stephanie Dismore, vice president, general manager Americas Channels, HP Inc.

On the path to success, each of us are certain to be met with both obstacles and opportunities that will shape our journeys and challenge the direction we are headed. To stay the course and achieve our objectives requires passion, action, conviction and focus. In this session, HP Inc.'s Stephanie Dismore will share her formula for success along with inspiration on how women can find their line of sight, drawing upon insights and experiences from her nearly 20-year career in the IT industry.

Character-Driven Leadership: Lessons Learned And Key Success Factors

Speaker: Deena Piquion, vice president and general manager, Tech Data

Deena LaMarque Piquion, vice president and general manager of Tech Data’s Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region, will share her career journey through the intersection of high tech, distribution and business. Today she Is responsible for the strategic direction and execution of all sales, marketing, and operational functions for Tech Data’s LAC organization. Piquion, a Vassar graduate, began her career in the IT distribution industry with Tech Data, joining as an MBA Rotational Associate in 2000. In 2001, she was promoted to manager of operations Five years later she moved to the commercial side of the distribution business, managing the Latin America (LA) product management team and vendor relationships. She took on more responsibility In 2011 and then again in 2017. Piquion will share her wisdom and insight and why character matters.

Women Of The Channel Power Panel: It’s A Brave New Channel World

Moderator: Rauline Ochs, IPED Consultant, The Channel Co.

Panelists: Tricia Atchison, VP, Global Partner Marketing, CA Technologies; Julie Christiansen, Senior Director, Global Partner Marketing, Dell EMC, Kasia Hanson, Director, Partner Programs, Global Markets and Partners, Intel; Jennifer McDonald, Senior Director, Partner Marketing, Fortinet

There is no doubt that massive changes are sweeping through the channel reshaping the industry at an unprecedented pace. Witness the recent wave of mergers at the top of the Solution Provider 500, the turnover of channel chiefs and partner business models focusing on recurring revenue, services and software. This is all reshaping the future of the channel and, with it, the fundamental relationship between tech supplier and solution provider. So what are the brightest minds in the industry doing to cope with these changes? This panel discussion with CA, Dell EMC, Fortinet and Intel will explore the strategic plans of today’s leading tech suppliers and the steps they are taking to thrive in this brave new channel world.





Women Of The Channel In The Spotlight: Success Stories

Speakers: Sandra Glasser, Vice President Global Channels, Ciena; Lynn Lucas, CMO, Veritas Technologies; Lynn Martin, Vice President, Public Sector Sales, VMware

Women of the Channel attendees will hear from today's leaders on a wide range of issues spanning industry challenges and opportunities professional advancement and their secrets to success. Spotlight speakers who represent some of today's most important brands will take their turn to share their insight and formula for success. Speakers will share their tips for success based on professional and personal experiences that have shaped theirs careers. Gain insight into how each of these individuals is coping with the rapid pace of change that defines the industry today. This collection of wisdom will help attendees navigate through the one of the most challenging periods in business today.





Closing Keynote: Greta Van Susteren's Views On America

Speaker: Greta Van Susteren, American commentator and former television news anchor

Hear the views from one of America’s most accomplished and travelled television news commentators. Greta Van Susteren’s career has spanned CNN, Fox News and MSNBC. She is perhaps best known for her 14-year run on FNC and her prime-time interviews with hundreds of leaders, celebrities and prominent politicians. She has had sit downs with Presidents—Bush, Clinton and Obama--along with prominent members of Congress, international leaders, and professional athletes. Few can forget her coverage of the O.J. Simpson trial and saga—a highlight of her broadcast journalism career which earned Van Susteren a place on Forbes’ list of the 100 most powerful women in the world. She is now playing a prominent role on social media and will discuss her new book “Everything You Need to Know About Social Media Without Having to Ask a Kid.”

Executive Breakouts:

1. Value Yourself: Avoid The Trap Of Imposter Experiences

Speakers:  Wendy Petty, Verizon, Moderator; Kathy Giffault, Hasbro; Karen Schoenbert, The NPD Group; Ivy Solowiejczyk, IBM; Ralph Schipani, Nine West Holdings

This session will focus on how women in business must come to grips with how to value themselves and avoid the trap of feeling like an imposter. A panel of presenters will provide tips and insight to help women build their confidence. There are many high-achieving individuals who can’t internalize their accomplishments and persistently fear being exposed as a fraud. There are some women who accidentally fall into a career in business never imagining themselves in an executive role. They worry about whether they truly belong. Panelists, some who fell into their careers and others who carefully planned—will discuss their shared experiences. All have been or seen other colleagues, both men and women, in the imposter trap and will offer their views on why this still occurs.

Key takeaways include:

  • How to track and monitor accomplishments
  • Setting goals and how to achieve them
  • Evaluating strengths and weaknesses with a plan for building up and honing strengths
  • How to identify and nurture supportive people for both personal and professional advancement
  • How to accept and build strength from compliments





2. Disciplines Of Powerful Leadership

Speaker: Amy Slater, Founder & CEO, Amy Slater Consulting

This session will examine the six disciplines of powerful leaders who foster a positive, productive, innovative and high-performing company.  These leaders love their teams and show genuine interest in their employees. They see them as human beings. They also give praise which shows that a leader is paying attention even if it is attention to the small things. Attendees will also gain insight into the other disciplines of powerful leadership including how to use power sparingly and how they surround themselves with high-performing individuals who can help grown the corporate culture. For the sixth and final discipline, attendees will have to show up to hear it and engage in a powerful discussion.


3. Moving In The Moment: Improve Well Being And De-Stress With Joan Pagano

Speaker: Joan Pagano, author and women's fitness expert

No time for the gym or for routine workouts?  In this session, women will discover how Joan Pagano's method for "Moving in the Moment” can improve well-being by helping them de-stress, limber up, stay strong and feel more confident. Pagano will demonstrate how short exercise intervals that women can use to stretch in the morning, noon and evening. Learn the four bodyweight exercises that provide a mini full-body conditioning workout that can be done anytime, anywhere. Find out how anyone can work their core body while just sitting at a desk.  All exercises can be done without equipment and in a matter of minutes to provide a road map for moving more throughout the day. Join this session for interactive exercises and Q&A. For those attending this session, prepare to work up a virtual sweat or feel free to wear your sneakers and get some exercise.

4. Speak Up: How To Become An Effective Conference Speaker

Speaker: Amy Scarlino, President, CEO, Scarlino Speaker Strategies

Speaking at a conference is a great way to raise the profile of your company’s brand while positioning yourself as a thought leader. Whether you have already spoken at several events or never stepped on stage, this session will outline the steps you must take to become an effective conference speaker.  Practical exercises and tips will demonstrate how to step up; speak up; don’t mess up; put your hand up; and keep your head up during your journey toward speaking success. Key takeaways include:

  • How to increase your chances of being selected as a featured conference speaker.
  • How to target the right events and be sure that each speaking opportunity meets both your business and personal objectives.
  • How to develop memorable presentation topics that will resonate with your target audiences. 

What you should never do once you step on stage.

The speaker will offer tips and tricks for building a speaking platform based on more than a decade of experience. Gain the knowledge you need to ensure you never miss a conference opportunity again.

5. Lean In? Women In Tech Need To Stand Their Ground

Speaker: Adrienne Weissman, chief marketing and customer officer, G2 Crowd

In 2010, Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook, gave an electrifying TED Talk in which she described how women unknowingly hold themselves back in their careers. Her talk, which was later captured in her book, “Lean In,” advised women to push ahead in their career by raising their hand for more opportunities. Adrienne Weissman believes that women in tech shouldn’t just ‘lean in’ to advance their careers. Rather, women need to stand their ground in order to become a disruptive force in the tech space. Women shouldn’t have to continuously ask for more opportunities and responsibilities just to prove they’re equal to their male coworkers. Instead, women should have the same quality of life as their male counterparts, i.e. equal pay, opportunities and respect.

Weissman will discuss the following:

  • Why companies with women in visible roles do better at hiring women because they’re actively seeking them out.
  • The importance of remaining visible and how to do it via speaking engagements, blogging and media interviews
  • Why public-facing roles make women more visible when leadership roles become available.
  • To secure more change, women need to stand their ground professionally
  • How to develop a marketing voice and remain on message.
  • How women can develop and practice their short speech and tie that message to their goals.
  • The importance of setting professional boundaries, addressing problems head on and the art of saying no.

6. Perfecting Your Pitch: Why Personal Branding Matters, Especially For Women Leaders

Speaker: Annie Scranton, president, founder Pace Public Relations

Ready or not, you get one shot at making a first impression. With all the challenges for women in business today, building a strong personal brand is more important than ever. But how do

women define themselves as leaders? How can women build strong personas that communicate their message? Why does a woman's personal brand matter for her career? From building a successful career as a TV producer to putting everything on the line to build her own company, Annie Scranton knows the importance of being your own best advocate as a woman leader and telling a story right the first time. Attendees will walk away from this session inspired and ready to build their personal brand and perfect their pitch.

7. Strategies For Managing Bullying & Harassment In The Workplace

Moderator: Jack Halberstam, Professor, Columbia University

Panelists: Margaret-Ann Bolton, Senior Director, Global Partner Marketing, Red Hat; Laurie Barrett Evans, Vice President, Worldwide Digital and Channel Sales, Business Analytics, IBM; Donna Leonardo, Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Future Tech Enterprise, Inc.; Michelle Ragusa-McBain, Segment Ops Mgr: SLED East, Cisco

The recent tidal wave of news started by the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment disclosures is having a profound impact on the workplace. There is little doubt that the workplace is going to change for the better---permanently—but the road there is going to be bumpy for a while. Everyone is or should be examining their own behavior toward co-workers, colleagues, customers and partners. Managers, more than ever, bear a greater responsibility to lead by example and ensure that bad actors and bad actions are not tolerated and identified early. So, what’s the strategy of today’s managers (men and women) for working through this crisis. This session will explore the changes that are taking place in the workplace and the changes yet to come. A panel will discuss the tools and strategies every manager needs to deal with bullying in the workplace and for protecting their team members and workers from harassment. The panel discussion will dive deeper into what every manager needs to know.

WotC Career Pursuits Workshop





Student Panel: The Future Is Theirs: Meet The Next Generation Of Leaders

Moderator:  Pennie S. Turgeon, VP of IT, CIO, Clark University

Panelists: Gabby Southwick, Clark University; Kayla Wright, Bowie State University; Farhana Emu, DeVry College

Hear from high achieving young women in college who are destined for greatness. Gain an understanding of what these future leaders want from their educational experience and how they view their career choices especially when it comes to the tech industry. Students will discuss their perceptions about careers in the IT and high-tech sector along with the types of companies that attract them. Gain insight into what these young women want from employers; the leadership that inspires them; the type of work they find rewarding and the importance of mentorship in their lives. This peer-panel will help attendees plan for what's ahead and how to capitalize on the rapid pace of change in high-tech. Attendees will also have a chance to ask the panelists and moderator questions about careers, education and life.

Keynote: Coding Isn’t Always The Answer

Speaker: Adrienne Weissman, chief marketing officer and head of partnerships for G2 Crowd Inc.

We need to change the way we communicate with girls about what it means to work in tech.

Coding bootcamps, coding academies, coding workshops—it feels like everyone is learning how to code, especially girls. But, are we sending the right message about what it means to work in tech? Could the ongoing pressure to learn to code be dissuading women from considering a career in the tech industry?

With close to a decade of experience in the tech sector, Adrienne Weissman has become a leader in each of the organizations she has served despite never learning to code.  Prior to joining G2 Crowd as chief marketing officer, Weissman served as LinkedIn’s director of marketing where she drove the social networking platform’s content marketing and advertising programs alongside companies such as Microsoft, Accenture, Harvard, Ford and FedEx. She also served as a senior sales executive at Google for seven years, where she assisted in building Google’s search, display and video business.

Here are 3 Key Takeaways for Attendees:

  • Learning to code isn’t the only path to a career in tech.
  • There are numerous non-technical career paths available in the tech industry.
  • It starts with educating yourself. If you want to learn a new skill, find a class and sign up. The internet is an endless resource of information.

Keynote: Navigating Careers At Large & Small Companies: Perception Vs. Reality

Speakers: Marie Rourke, President, WhiteFox Marketing; Julie Haley, CEO, Edge Solutions

College students pondering careers in high tech have perceptions of what life is like inside large organizations and the many small to midsize companies that populate the market. Life inside both are very different with each requiring a different skill set to advance and succeed. In this session, attendees will hear the realities of what life is life inside a large, multinational organizations from executives who have worked inside these companies. Small companies and start-ups offer a different experience but the environment may be no less challenging than that of a Fortune 500 firm. Attendees will hear the gritty details of the skills needed to succeed, the realities vs. perceptions of each and a roadmap to make the right decision to start a career in either setting.

Keynote: Taking Control Of Your Career Through The Use Of Professional Media

Speaker: Ira Bell, Co-founder, CTO, Recruit.com

You’ve heard of social media but what about professional media. This session will help job candidates and established professionals differentiate themselves in today's competitive business world. Everyone is more than just a resume. Spending countless hours perfecting a resume isn’t as relevant as everyone assumes. As college students and those in the workforce make transitions to first jobs or advance tehir careers they need to shift their mentality and expand their presence to grow and project a personal brand. This session will cover some of the core building blocks, good habits and esoteric patterns everyone can take advantage of to become a beacon of light in the culture of today’s companies. It’s time to create clarity in a world of chaos. Attendees will learn about how employers think and common behavior patterns from successful people so they can position themselves toward a fun and engaging future.

Keynote: Find Your Mentor: Making Executive Connections Work For Career Advancement

Speaker: Lisa Mackenzie, SVP & Partner, The Channel Company

Keynote: Mom B.A.: Essential Business Advice From One Generation To The Next

Speaker: Karyn Schoenbart, The NPD Group

Imagine what your life would be like if your mother was the CEO of a global company.  Instead of just helping with your homework, she could provide the type of advice that would propel your career and allow you to overcome the many obstacles that keep women from fulfilling their full potential at work.

Key topics that will be covered:

First impressions are critical in building a career.  Nothing can replace experience and confidence, but being judged on how you look is a reality of the working world.  Approach your appearance as you would your resume.  The most important part is the substance, but without clean formatting, proper spelling and grammar someone reviewing it may never delve into the content.

Networking and Relationships: Building business relationships is like putting money in the bank.  Every time you have a positive interaction with someone, you create equity.  Then if something goes wrong down the road, you can make a withdrawal, and still have plenty left in the account.

Keynote: Standing Out In A Sea of High Performers

Speaker: JJ DiGeronimo, president, Tech Savvy Women

It is more than the classwork and grade points that open doors, land internships, and ultimately catapult someone into the career direction they desire. When JJ DiGeronimo was in school, she had few lessons on how to represent herself, how to position her accomplishments and how to handle negative responses.  Throughout the last two decades, she has collected insights and strategies that have been instrumental through the twists and turns of her careers. As the president of Tech Savvy Women, DiGeronimo advanced from entry-level positions into leadership positions within technology companies mostly based in Silicon Valley. She includes strategies and insights in her new book “Accelerate Your Impact.”

DiGeronimo will share some of these insights with attendees including:

  • How to position yourself for the future
  • How to strategically represent yourself
  • Rally toward yes
  • Align with your tribe

Keynote: Fundamentals Of Succeeding In A Complex Industry

Speaker: Linda Hutchinson, Ciena senior director of channel sales

Linda Hutchinson, partner sales leader for Ciena, will share inspiring advice on how to become a successful woman tech leader and get the tools everyone needs to confidently advance their career.

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