Women Of The Channel 2018: Meaningful Change

Now, more than ever, women are helping each other succeed. They're becoming mentors, getting more involved in groups and events, and helping to highlight career opportunities.

Nearly a year and a half since the #MeToo movement began picking up steam, the campaign is having a meaningful impact on many organizations.

The movement, which began as a way to shine a light on sexual harassment, and later, inequalities between males and females, has produced a silver lining in the workplace: Now more than ever, women are helping each other succeed.

Tech Networks of Boston, a women-owned managed service provider, is a signer of the "100% Talent: Boston Women's Compact," an initiative established by the Boston Women's Workforce Council aimed at making the Greater Boston area the premier place for working women in America by closing the wage gap and removing both the visible and invisible barriers to women's advancement.

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Ashley Fontes, communications manager for Tech Networks, believes it's crucial to invest in women in the IT space. Fontes manages Tech Networks' participation in the Boston Women's Compact by providing bi-yearly statistics that help the group achieve its mission.

"It's important, because by helping [women advance], we will build a more equitable......


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