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The CRN Women of the Channel list recognizes the accomplishments of female executives within the channel. What do you believe are the key factors that have contributed to your success?
THINK BIG. Those are the words emblazoned on the wall of our San Diego facility. Beyond today, and beyond tomorrow is the unscripted future that challenges us to be BOLD and to be innovative. As a leader, my role is often to define and execute our strategic direction. It can be a challenge to prioritize initiatives, because everything seems important. I truly believe if you try to focus on everything, you focus on nothing. Being able to identify top strategic priorities and invest time and resources on things that move the ball forward is crucial. Last year, we set the goal to double the western region within three years. I am proud to say we are trending to achieve this in less than two.
My success is achievement through teamwork. I would describe myself as a tenacious, but highly collaborative leader whose success comes from the ability to build exceptional, dynamic teams that can execute against our strategic direction. This means, however, having a very selective hiring and recruiting process. Burwood is a very special organization to work for and has an amazing culture and entrepreneurial spirit. Smart, capable people like to work with other smart, capable people so we carefully evaluate fit before bringing in new talent.
Over the years, I have found that being a good listener is one of the most important leadership skills. I've learned to take those observations and use them to inspire a team and rally them towards a common goal. As a leader my goal is to bring out the best in every individual and help them leverage their strengths to create a stronger team unit.
One of the things I strongly value, and Burwood strongly values, is operating with a high level of integrity and always striving to do what is best for the customer and our employees. In that regard, I have constantly looked to ensure that we are building a network of partners, subcontractors, and affiliates that are also culturally aligned with those foundational values.
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