Video Conferencing Benefits Outweigh Negatives

“Zoom-bombing” makes headlines, scaring many organizations off the platform.

With millions of people now using videoconferencing tools, like Zoom, to stay connected and productive, cases of " Zoom-bombing” — when a complete stranger joins your meeting to wreak havoc — are being reported.

In an interview with CRNtv, Laura Padilla, head of global partners at Zoom, said when CEO Eric Yuan first built the videoconferencing platform, “it was obviously built [with the intention] to enable users to have almost an in-person meeting over video,” but when news broke of the “Zoom-bombing” hijackings, she was quickly disheartened.

Peter Tran, head of global cybersecurity advisory at InferSight and a cybersecurity expert with more than 20 years of experience, told CRN, “We’re now getting used to this new environment, where we get up in the morning and literally just 20 feet across the room and you log in."

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